Construction and Extraction Laborers

Do you like to build things and work with your hands?  Are you good at using tools?  A construction and Extraction technician may be the job for you!  Construction laborers perform various physical tasks such as cleaning and preparing sites, supporting excavations and scaffolding, digging trenches, clearing debris and other construction prep tasks.  Construction laborers may also have to read and interpret plans for building or even control traffic passing near, in, or around work zones.

Construction laborers will operate a wide variety of both hand and power tools as well as measuring equipment to complete job tasks.  Construction laborers also support craft workers, so interpersonal and communication skills are also important for this job.

Construction laborers are in high demand, as an expected 26,000 jobs will be available in construction labor statewide.  Construction laborers can expect to make anywhere between 26,000 and $57,000 yearly.